March 9th 2022
Discover the 2022 Poster!

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For its eighth edition, the magnificent Paris leg of the Longines Global Champions Tour - Longines Paris Eiffel Jumping has called on the famous artist Jul to design its 2022 poster. This press cartoonist for the major media turned to comics a few years ago and has been the scriptwriter for the new adventures of Lucky Luke for the past 10 years, as well as 50 Nuances de Grecs or Silex and the City, La Planète des Sages, and many other collaborations! 
Although the equestrian world was not unknown to him, since he had produced a series with Kevin Staut and Edwina Tops-Alexander, the creation of this poster was nevertheless an important challenge to be taken up, as putting the horse on stage is always a graphic tour de force.
For Jul, a jumping event defies weightlessness and has the horses "fly" in front of the Eiffel Tower, which rises into the sky, an incredible image that is also found in the poster for the Longines Global Champions Tour-Longines Paris Eiffel Jumping 2022.
How does the Longines Global Champions Tour-Longines Paris Eiffel Jumping inspire you?
This event is magical. Two symbols come together, the Eiffel Tower and the horse. Two objects of fantasy, which have lightness in common. To link the two is incredible!
What is your relationship with horses?
I rode a little when I was a child, and I'll have to take a few more lessons as I'll soon be going to the Fart West for a film on the adventures of Lucky Luke! On the other hand, I've been training for years to draw horses because they are very complicated to draw. There is a real complexity in the anatomy and they are often in motion. Prehistoric man drew horses very well, they had this memory that we have lost over time with the advent of photography, which allowed us to break down the movement of the animal. Photography is the best guarantee of a beautiful horse and that helped me a lot!
How did you think about the poster?
I thought of magic, witches on broomsticks, Harry Potter, or mythology and superheroes that rise to the sky, that twirl around to meet symbols like the Eiffel Tower. That's what my horse is doing on this poster.
The figure of Pegasus in association with the Iron Lady symbolises this idea of "elevation" to the sky, of lightness and grace as a challenge to gravity, which are ultimately the great miracles of the discipline of show jumping. 
Did the Eiffel Tower inspire you? 
I had made an album "Lucky Luke, a cowboy in Paris" which was launched at the Eiffel Tower and it was the first time it appeared in Lucky Luke. In fact, I had Gustave Eiffel intervene, so it was already an important nod to the Iron Lady!