Jan Tops
Founder and President Longines Global Champions Tour

"It is a unique place for top-level sport, next to the iconic Eiffel Tower, a monument recognized around the world. Here in Paris, we celebrate the fusion of gourmet cuisine, art, fashion and lifestyle in this beautiful capital.
It is incredible to be able to present our event here, with the support of the city's authorities, and our international guests greatly appreciate the magnificent blend of French culture. The Longines Global Champions Tour, with 20 events around the world this year,
celebrates culture and creates an identity at all its destinations making each stage special and unique.

Our goal has always been to achieve the highest standards of show jumping with the best possible facilities and conditions for riders, horses, owners, grooms, sponsors, fans and media. This care and attention has helped us to grow the LGCT and GCL circuits to become what they are today, guaranteeing our fans and audience the ultimate level of equestrian sports, showcasing the world's greatest riders and horses at every event. »

About Longines Global Champions Tour

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