May 27th 2019
Elodie Fontan, godmother of the LGCT-LPEJ 2019!

In 2019, the LGCT-LPEJ will have the chance to have a pretty godmother, the actress Elodie Fontan. Famous for her roles in Baby-Sitting and What Have We Done to God, Elodie has been passionate about horseback riding since she was a child. She is therefore delighted to discover this 6th edition and will undoubtedly surprise us with some of the activities during the event.

How did riding get into your life?

My mother has been passionate about horses since childhood, so she put me on the horse as soon as she could, and it was love at first sight. I started riding when I was 5 years old, and have never stopped sharing this passion with her.

What place can you give to your practice today?

Unfortunately, today I ride less than when I had my horse. Before I was with him as soon as I could, in competitions, walking in the forest, it was a magical time.

But now I have the chance to ride with a great rider, the Olympic champion Philippe Rozier, whom I admire very much and who has become a friend. I regularly go up to his house, between shoots, it's my oxygen bubble, a little corner of Paradise.

Does being a rider bring you benefits in your acting career?

It hasn't been the case yet, since I haven't had the chance to ride a horse on a set yet, but I know it will happen, and it can be beneficial for many different kinds of films.

Horseback riding and comedy have a lot in common. It takes patience, sharing, self-confidence and willingness to share. You have to work hard and be determined, and above all believe in your dreams. All these points are also necessary in my profession, so it has necessarily already been beneficial in this sense!