May 10th 2019
Discover the fabulous shows of the LGCT-LPEJ 2019 !

The 6th edition of the LPEJ will be punctuated by superb shows that will delight the public and once again sublimate the horse.

Clémence Faivre, will come with his Lusitano stallion Gotan for a training show accompanied live by a cellist from the Republican Guard Orchestra.
This meeting with Gotan allowed him to revolutionize the equestrian arts in 2010. She is the first in the world to have made quiebres, pirouette vaquere and changes from foot to time in total freedom.
The alchemist horsewoman, in perfect complicity with her horse, offers a technical and aesthetic performance of the Haute École in total freedom, with class, elegance, grace and absolute lightness.

To be found on Friday 5 and Saturday 6 July in the evening.



The French Army will be present to showcase its training courses and welcome participants to the Eiffel Route with a bang. A highlight of the day when the Republican Guard Cavalry Regiment will be honored.
New for this 6th edition, a cellist from the Republican Guard Orchestra will accompany Clémence Faivre's show under a prelude by Bach in order to give the audience a perfect moment of grace and elegance.

Rooted in national tradition and present at official events, this cavalry regiment ensures the State's military protocol and contributes to France's influence by providing a large horseback escort for the President of the Republic and foreign heads of state. His commitment is also recognized in terms of public safety with several horseback patrols in the streets of the capital and the forest massifs of our territory.
The quality of its equestrian performances testifies to French excellence in military equitation, they unite the enthusiasm of the public around the following training courses :


Leading the cavalry regiment at major national events, this prestigious unit provides both escorts of authorities and military musical protocol, playing its natural instruments with recognized dexterity.


This group of squadron riders and cavalry band musicians brings venerable music to its highest level.


Composed of ninety musicians, the main mission of this formation is to honour the highest personalities of the State, to animate the main military events and other patriotic manifestations that punctuate the life of the Nation, but also more broadly, to defend and promote French military music.


This unit plays an essential role in the smooth running of the regiment. They are responsible for regulating the discipline, service and manoeuvring of infantry and music.