June 14th 2018


JustWorld International is an association law 1901, created in 2003 by Jessica Newman, former international jumper show jumping. She wanted to give the opportunity to the riders to invest in a humanitarian cause and enjoy the influence of the equestrian world. The association is based in the United States in Wellington but also in Europe.
The latter raises funds for projects to help children in 3 developing countries such as Hon- duras, Guatemala and Cambodia. The foundations of JustWorld are based on four pillars: education, nutrition, hygiene and health as well as cultural development. On the spot JustWorld relies on local associations to manage the projects supported.
For 4 years, Longines has been supporting the charity organization JustWorld International. It works on the four fundamental pillars, including that of nutrition, which is particularly supported by Longines.
Longines has created for the benefit of the association, the operation "Longines Clear The Jump": At each hurdle Longines crossed without fail
during the Longines Grand Prix, the equivalent of 200 meals is donated to the association. Since the beginning of the partnership, donations from Longines have funded more than 140,000 meals for some of the most vulnerable children in the world.
The partnership between JustWorld International and Longines is fundamental today. It highlights the social responsibility of Longines and its commitment to causes that are dear to it and promote development aid. The proper functioning of the JustWorld programs is therefore intrinsically linked to the unconditional support of Longines.
During these few days of competition, several activities will be proposed for the benefit of the association!
The "Hobby Horse" phenomenon: on a course of several obstacles, everyone will have the right to make their way to the Eiffel Tower and to personalize their own horse "Hobby Horse" to leave with.
5 * and 1 * course recognitions with great JustWorld ambassadors. Dedication sessions with our ambassadors on the JustWorld stand.
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