June 11th 2018
Meeting in Paris

The Parisian does not have a face ... but several. This is what the talented Jeanne Damas has explained in her book entitled A Paris, a beautiful book combining photographs, texts and (very) good addresses of the capital.
According to Jeanne Damas, parisian does not exist. Parisians, yes. Because there are as many Paris women as women living in Paris, she says. That's why, with the help of journalist Lauren Bastide, she came up with the idea of making this book.
In Paris is a book in which we meet 20 Parisian women, 20 touching portraits of women from 14 to 70 years old. Women with different backgrounds, living differently ... but in the same place: Paris.
In Paris. A book to read, re-read, in order and in disorder, a book to lend, to offer, a timeless book ... like the Parisian.
In Paris
Photos of Jeanne Damas and texts by Lauren Bastide
Grasset Publishing
Price: 24 euros